Water Testing Lab Testimonials

Thank you for your professionalism in the process and promptness in the reporting. While it is not the news we had hoped for, we appreciate the referrals for estimates and the direction on possible financial support through Winnebago County Zoning.

Have a good weekend,


Chris M., Realtor


I am impressed with how easy you make our mandatory “every 2-year” water testing– it is something required for foster parent/home re-licensing.  I very much appreciated having the sample bottle mailed to me because I am an hour away from you.  And, I like how we were able to drop the sample off while on our way to another appointment in Appleton! 

The results came back to me so quickly!  Our social worker is coming on Wednesday to fill out and pick up other required renewal papers– she did NOT expect that we’d have the water testing results back before her arrival.  Wrong!!– the report was among my e-mails [on Monday]. 

Having been a treatment foster parent for 28 years, I used to dread trying to find a place to have the water testing done….  NOT ANY MORE.

 Doris J.; Tilleda, WI