Well water can become contaminated at any time without your knowledge. Only through testing can you be assured of a continued supply of clean, safe water. Many state and federal authorities recommend private wells be tested at least once a year to ensure the continued safety of the water. Clean Water Testing makes testing your water simple, fast and affordable. Our professional water lab test results will reveal the type of contaminants, the level of contamination, and current levels accepted by state authorities.

Clean Water Testing, a Wisconsin lab with state-certification since 1985, can test your water for the most common contaminants, such as bacteria, nitrates and arsenic. We can also test for any number of other contaminants, including numerous inorganic elements and volatile organic compounds.

For local clients additional services are available including well and septic system inspections from our team of fully licensed and insured inspectors, certified operator services for our public water supply customers, and water sample collection services.