What To Know Before Testing Your Water

Water Testing Lab

Before ordering a water quality test kit, you must first decide what you need to test for. To help you with this decision, we have listed our most popular water testing options to the right. If you would like additional information, please explore our resources section or our other water testing lab services.

Once you have determined the testing you would like performed, simply select the test kit(s) you would like using the order form on this page and proceed to checkout.

In the test kit are instructions on how to collect the sample and how to ship it back to Clean Water Testing for analysis. Fill the bottles according to the instructions and ship the sample back to us with your payment. The cost of shipping the sample back to the lab is not included with the test kit.

Clean Water Testing will then send you a comprehensive report on your results. Test results will show you the amount of each element that you selected to be analyzed and the current levels accepted by state authorities.


If testing indicates unsafe levels of contaminants, or if other water problems exist even if your water test results are “safe,” you may want to look into a water treatment system to solve your problem. See Water Treatment.

All test kits you receive from Clean Water Testing contain a lab slip form that you will need to complete and return with your water sample for testing. Instructions on how to collect the water sample are printed on the back of the lab slip that you will receive with the test kit. General Instructions for Obtaining Most Water Samples

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